Tour Information

What to Expect from Your Trip

 Welcome to Seattle Mountain Bike Tours. Even if you are not an experienced mountain biker, we have just the right tour for you. We offer Half Day, Full Day and Custom tour options. Our guides will show you our signature trails and take you to some of our hidden gems.

What Kind of Rider Are You?

Total Newbie

  • First off, Welcome! We define this as someone who has never been on a mountain bike.



  • New Rider: someone who rarely rides mountain bikes or has never ridden on trails.
  • You can balance and peddle with little trouble.
  • Understands hand brakes (how to slow and stop a bike).
  • Mild knowledge of shifting and when to use it.



  • You ride several times a year or more.
  • You know how to use hand brakes and gears efficiently.
  • Can ride 2-3 hours on mildly technical terrain.
  • Beginning to tolerate long, somewhat technical climbs
  • Basic understanding and ability to accomplish trail features (roots, rocks, switchbacks)



  • You ride weekly or more.
  • You are very comfortable on all trail features (roots, rocks, switchbacks)
  • Ability to ride man-made features (ladder bridges, skinnies, drops, jumps)
  • Able to ride long, technical and steep climbs
  • Can ride 5-6 hours on technical terrain


Where You'll Ride

Trail selection is typically made on a day to day basis, depending on the weather and trail conditions. Your guide has extensive knowledge of the
region and will choose trails or activities as conditions dictate.

Prices Include

  • Guide (1 or more)
  • Full Suspension Orbea Mountain Bike
  • Transportation to and from locations
  • Lunch


What to Bring

  • Comfortable riding clothing
  • Light rain shell
  • Gloves


Optional Gear

  • Your own helmet
  • Clipless pedals and shoes
  • Your own saddle
  • Your own flats (platform pedals)
  • We will also have a variety of bike accessories and apparel for purchase at our base.


Tour and Trail Ratings

Tours and Trails are rated as green, blue, black and double black. We will contact you prior to arrival to assess your technical and physical ability, so it is important to be honest when filling out your questionnaire prior to the trip. This ensures we select the appropriate tour level and pick trails that provide you with the best experience possible.

Green Tour / Trail
Recommended for newbies and beginner riders.
Blue Tour / Trail
Recommended for intermediate riders.
Black Tour / Trail
Recommended for advanced riders.
Double Black Tour / Trail
If you have to's not for you.